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Being Confused with Jean #4

Welcome to another installment of being confused with Jean! It has been around a month since I started back in the lab after the Christmas break and my, I have been busy.

It’s been great not having to worry about exams as I usually do in January; things are getting busier now that my experiments are working (yay!) and I start moving onto the next phase of my project.

While all this happens, I’ve had to adopt a new motto: one day at a time, but don’t lose sight of the endpoint (my PhD thesis in this case). In my eagerness to push things forward, I need to remind myself to take things day by day, so I don’t make mistakes and avoid working to the point of burnout at the same time.

Outside the PhD, I recently presented my third year research project at the British Skull Base Society meeting - I even won a prize for my presentation! I continue my work with AIM UK developing our international med student guide which is coming together very nicely. I’ve also gone back to activities that benefit my well being e.g. karate and the gym which has been great with maintaining boundaries with work.

Short update from me this time because there are still lots of things coming up, many of which I can’t talk about yet but I will be back with more soon!

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