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Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Applying to medical school as an international student is a very competitive process. Due to limited places that can be offered to international students, you’d want to submit a strong application to maximise your chances of acceptance.

This is going to be a short post, but we wanted to share with you our stats and what we got to get into Medicine for your reference. Please keep in mind that you don’t need to get the exact same stats as we did to get accepted into medical school/university!

Here’s a breakdown of our stats: 

A-Levels/IB Results

Jean’s A-Levels Results

A Level Chem: A*

A Level Biology: A*

A Level Maths: A*


Thinzar’s IB Results

IB Total: 40/45

Biology HL: 6

Chemistry HL: 6

Psychology HL: 7

Burmese HL: 7

Maths SL: 6

English Lang & Lit: 5 

TOK + EE = 3 points 

UCAT Scores

Jean’s UCAT:

Total: 2920 (9th decile)

SJT: Band 2 

Thinzar’s UCAT:

Total: 2700 (8th decile)

SJT: Band 2

Interviews & Offers


2 interviews & 2 offers


4 interviews & 2 offers

There you go! That’s the breakdown of our stats which got us into medical school! If you want to see more medical school-related content, tips about the application process, and our UK university life, make sure you’re following our Instagram!

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