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The Secret

Watch date: 22/7/21

How I came across it:

I knew of The Secret in the form of a book and came across it when I was looking for some documentaries to download on Netflix. So I decided to give it a watch and figure out what this mysterious secret actually was.

Would I recommend this?

I think The Secret highlights the importance of your thoughts and mindset, but I don’t think one can turn things around in their life solely with it. Instead, I think the best of both worlds is achieved when we combine the correct mindset and implementation. This documentary gives off the message that The Secret is the thing that will change your life - I don’t agree with that. However, I would say that it has made me more aware of my thoughts and what I spend my time thinking about - ain’t nobody got time for the people and things that don’t actually matter! (but The Secret isn’t a must-watch for me)

My notes:

Ask → Believe → Receive

  • You don’t need to know how you receive, you just need to have faith

  • Focus on the feelings that arise when what you want arrives

  • Embrace what you want instead of what you want to avoid

Like how people say you should act like you have what you want already → focus on the feelings!

Thoughts become things:

  • Be aware of and curate your thoughts, monitoring your feelings as a proxy

  • Keep yourself happy and combine that with your intention

Gratitude + visualisation:

  • Gratitude to get yourself feeling good

  • Visualisation to see the end result and feel the feelings that come from it

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